Reflections on Reality

Lacques Jacan

The Big Other as the Expressive Autonomy of Normative Statuses

Lacques Jacan


In dealing with the big Other, it is crucial to be attentive to the interplay between the anonymous field and the subject impersonating it.

—Žižek, Slavoj. (2012).

The Žižeko-Lacanian notion of the Big Other has often been invoked as a kind of reproach to all normative statuses, whether they express an autonomous convention or a contingent individual case of difference from the norm (Žižek 2012, p. 76; Žižek 2001, p. 53[1]; Žižek 2000, p. 76[2]). Accordingly, it has been suggested that the mere repetition of assertive gestures can approximate efficacy by making a particular, unforeseen, and ontologically ungrounded interpretation stick (Žižek 2012, p. 370[3]). In the course of this essay, I will offer a reading of individual intentionality and social normative statuses, and the participatory horizon these two…

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